Taking just a little time now and then is a good thing!  Make time to relax and take in the beautiful stuff is great, but its more satisfying if you’ve finished your essential “to-do” list for the day.

I love to putter, but I also love to accomplish things.  Its so great to check off a list item.  Ok ok, take the easy things first and build in a little break.  That’s ok.  Just get something small done and then take your reward, like a sip from the delightful morning coffee.

Reflect and plan.  Then get going!



Stop by and Let’s Chat!

Let’s get acquainted!  Life is passing by and nothing new is happening very much.  It’s a new year, still January, but in all the analysis of NEW YEAR, resolutions, and all that stuff, there are some things I want to change.  How about you?

I’m going to share some of the little things I’ve come across in my life, because its really the little things that do make a big difference!

So grab a cup of coffee, let’s get going!