I’m a child of the ’60’s as that was my growing up time! (Not everyone was wild and crazy, you know.) I’m a grandmother–right now of 8– and mom to their parents, and I’m a wife!  I love those roles and I love to work on food preparation.   My husband is a gardener — and I stow the stuff!  

My heart’s desire is to be a great sales person who helps many people.  My interests lie in the area of diet, nutrition, and foods for great health as well as great enjoyment! 

My favorite time of year is autumn, and here in Eastern  U.S.A. that is a great time of year with the air full of freshness, low humidity, clear skies, and bright colors.

One of my most enjoyable things to do is to share a cup of coffee with a friend and just spend some time together.  Most special are mornings with my adult children when we are together and, and my daily joy is spending some of that time with my honey.   

In my younger life’s career, I was a mathematics teacher.  I loved it!  Mostly.  I had a good time with that, and then turned to be a bookkeeper for a while — and for several types of business.  I learned a great deal about taxation and saw first hand how small business works.  … Makes me feel qualified to weigh in on policy issues! 

I really enjoy discussing ideas and I like to learn new things — I appreciate great teachers, and I hope to always be a great student!

Come back and visit again soon 🙂                                        — Louise