MKE – Week 20 One step forward?

Live each day as though it is your last!

Monday morning this week I awoke and was possessed with changing dishes.  Now I’m not usually one to make changes!  It just came over me.

Over the years, our furnishings have only been moved around a few times, with a only a few things replaced.  We have made a few improvements to the house, but haven’t been ever changing as some are.  Mostly new things have been added and not too much replaced.  Not so much taken out.  That’s beginning to change.

So it was unusual, but I felt compelled to make a few changes!   I was the obedient servant and in so changing things around, I decided again and again things I no longer want — and set them aside.  For things to change, I have to change.  My inside is changing, so my outside must change too.  My outside is a reflection of my inside.  Therefore I must make it orderly.  This will help me to feel more powerful and in control.

Dishes don’t make the meal, they enhance it.  They show it off.  They make the dining experience more enjoyable.  Food for the body is essential, but a great part of the experience involves the surroundings, the people, the conversation.  All of it makes up the experience.  Therefore things matter, even though the spirit is the living part.

I am taking care of my thoughts here.  Why not take care of my places too?  Why not take care of everything?  Take care of finances, take care of clothing, take care of the little things.  Take the best care of the people I am with.  Associate with the people I choose.  Take care of possessions – when to keep them, and when to let them go.

Take care of the things that belong, and the things that do not.  I’m thankful for the physical nature of things, the way they work and can be used.  I’m thankful for the ideas that give life its meaning.  I’m thankful for the people who share their deep hurts or sorrows with me and be in joy and gratitude for those who share their happiness and success!  I am filled with gladness for them and I care about their hurt.

My home is a reflection of me.  It is in a state of change.  The thought has begun and the changes are coming.


MKE – Week 19 – The fantastic Weekend and the Week Beyond

Ah!  My dream weekend came and quickly whirled by!  I was a participant, and an observer.  Everything (almost ) went just as I hoped.

My daughters seemed perfect to me.  They were fun to be with and we were all in harmony.  I was in a place of my past, but with the people of the present.  It was not difficult, but a few cobwebs did get shaken up!  Would you go there if your adolescent home had become a bed and breakfast?  Would you enjoy meeting the new residents?  Would your mind conjure up memories you had long forgotten?  What would the blend of old and new do to your new blueprint?

For me it was an experience I could take in as an observer.

However this week I have had some difficulty.  For the first time, I defiantly seemed to veer off track — and it does not feel good.  I have had two outbursts of emotions that seem to be not controlled for me.  I have been upset.

But I hold the key.  I shall live this day as though it is my last and if I am so fortunate to have another, I will gratefully accept it as a new day, a new beginning, and I will begin anew my journey.  I will persist.  I will succeed.  I will give to others without expecting anything in return.  I will write it, I will say it, I will become it.  I will live my life with abundance and for it I am completely all filled up with gratitude.

I cannot go back.  I forgive, and I hope forgiven.  I have TODAY and I will live it as though it is my last.


MKE – Week 18 A week of special significance!

This is the week I’ve been waiting for!

This is the week that is a turning point.  Along my journey is all wrapped up whatever my Mother taught me.  This week my daughters and I will travel for a girls’ get-a-way to the home where I lived when I finished high school, went to college – whether I lived there full time or not, it was home.

This is the home I went to while moving when my first child was born.

This is the home I went to visit after I had a family of my own!

The haunting, hold you back statements of my Mother, yet the wonderful complete love she gave to me.  The uplifting statements she made out of love I remember,  and I remember many more of these than the statements that showed lack and uncertainty, but they were there too.

All of this makes up my blueprint.  Some of it was excellent training.  Some of it was something I immaturely rebelled against.  Some of it was wrong thinking, but everyone makes mistakes, and even I as a child perhaps misread.

Is there a limiting feeling I have?  Do I still have it?  Or is my change freeing me of this mindset?

This will be a fun and wonderful weekend in harmony and laughter.

I will be present with my girls!  I will listen to them, for they are wonderful creations that I had a part in shaping.  Sure I made mistakes with them too!  Will they someday unravel the cement I placed on them?  Will they see more of the good things too? Will they know my love for them?  (It is a part of my Definite Major Purpose)

MKE Week 17 – The Discipline I Crave

Each one is unique.

I know the history of this plant, and that give me meaning.

We’re into week 17 of the MKE and in this week I celebrate my uniqueness, but at the same time, that has brought back some of the frenzy of my life I experienced earlier and I’ve wanted to leave behind me – my old blueprint!  Sure enough, she came back.

We traveled to Florida barely a week and a half ago for a few days.  Last week I took a day trip.  All of the traveling had my routines all shaken up.  I fell behind in some routine chores and much of my disciplines formed fell apart, it seemed. Discipline is my focus this week.  Several of my master mind partners are also working on DISCIPLINE, and their examples help me.

In the reading, I have comfort.  “I have unlimited potential.  Only a  small portion of my brain do I employ; only a paltry amount of my muscles do I flex.  A hundredfold or more can I increase my accomplishments of yesterday and this, I do, beginning today.” from Og, I hear, there is a new day and I can continue and persist in my efforts and growth will occur again in spite of the overwhelmed feelings.

In a state of somewhat overwhelm, I find comfort in sentence 22.  from The Master Key  where Haanel says “If you concentrate on some matter of importance, the intuitive power will be set in operation , and help will come in the nature of information which will lead to success.”

Now what does all this mean to you, my reader?  Am I able to convey to you?  What are the connectors?  The peonies were moved to our yard as parts of plants my father had at their home.  He dug them up for us and my husband planted them here.  I’m contemplating a trip to their home sometime in the upcoming months.  The peonies which are currently alive, but only in their roots with the stems all cut off right now for winter will come alive like this in a few months too.  My parents lived an extremely disciplined life, and the peonies are a reminder to me of them.

I am concentrating on changing my life, but instead, I must concentrate on the tasks that will allow my intuitive part take over and make everything easy.  The peonies will quickly and easily manifest in the spring, and so, I will quickly and easily manifest that which I focus upon.  By choosing the right things, by following the right plan, by allowing my powers to show, by letting my love come forward, by caring, by sharing, by learning from all my great new friends, I will find the harmony with Natural Law or Universal Mind and it will free me to become powerful.

I AM Happy!  I am so GRATEFUL for my new friends at MKE.  My mastermind partners have helped me immensely by pointing me to the things I need to “do now.”   I find we all have so much in common, yet each of us is an amazing special person, created for a place and time and reason!

I always keep my promises,

Louise Shickle


Week 16 – MKE What’s up?

The subtitle could be KINDNESS.

Everywhere I go I’m kinder to people.  My friend who joined  my company with little or no prodding told me she’s going in a different direction, oh well, I say.  I will not be deterred.  I will still help her.  I am not hurt.  It doesn’t matter. For I shall have bumps in the road and will not be deterred.  I shall persist.

Everywhere people are kinder to me.  Maybe they are kind all the time and I am just noticing more.  It’s a nice thing, even smiles here and there.  Maybe kindness in contagious and spreads all by itself.

Some of my discipline seems to be fading, but I want it.  I want the routines.  I’ve had interruptions of travel and have caught a seasonal cold I can’t seem to kick.  I am not quite myself.  Should I allow that to matter?  It is only a slight setback, I will persist.  I know what I  need, and what I need to do.  I will do it.  For I am uniquely me, and I will do things my way.  I’m following the compass, not the clock.  I love the routines, I love the new habits, I love the new me.  I shall persist!

I’ve begun some new routines for business and I.LOVE.THAT.  It makes me smile.

In our sun room, this orchid stopped blooming last year sometime, and I thought it was withering away to its final demise, but something happened!  I fed it something it apparently likes, and it has rewarded me with its beautiful bloom.

May I share it with you?

Posted by Louise Shickle on Friday, January 12, 2018




Week 15 – We’re taking off!

Everyone has so much excitement – including me!

Things are happening so fast i can’t believe its still ME.

Even my honey is going along with it all.

Sadly – neither of us if feeling well, so please send some healing vibes for us.

I’m off — going fast — getting things done — checking off my list — making no more new additions to my DMP until substantial progress occurs in all areas — especially the ones where I must nudge subby a little bit more!  She needs to fully understand how important this is to me.

Concentrate! Be! Do!

Follow the natural laws.  Follow the exercises.  Onward. Upward.




Week 14 – MKE Holiday Movies and Persistence

I’m not usually a football fan, but I LOVED Rudy!  It’s an old movie, but surprise, surprise, my husband who watches movies all the time, had. not. seen. it! He enjoyed it too! Persistence, hard work, to follow the definite purpose is what it’s all about!

Consequently we BOTH really enjoyed it.  The final 10 minutes took us over 30 minutes to watch however, due to excruciating-ly slow internet connection.  This seemed only to accentuate the persistence of the 5 footer playing the game of his life.  Needless to say it was inspirational!  It emphasized also the thoughts in our readings from the Scrolls as well to throw out words like impossible!

My days following the compass are flying by like a bird in the sky.  This is evidenced by the clock in our kitchen.  Before the past three weeks, I faithfully wound it on a weekly basis.  Now, it stops, (like clockwork I’d say, but that might seem foolish) and I’ll notice it is Thursday when this happens.  Then I need to wind the clock and tweak the time a little bit.  Even though I’m following my compass, it is still a good quality to be on time.  

My future self is working on things like punctuality.  My subconscious mind is keenly aware and is helping me as best she can!

Holidays of having this wonderful time of year is so much fun!

I also want to just throw out there that it seems like a revelation that the lesson 14 helps me understand why dieting never works if one’s focus is on what you should NOT eat, or what you cannot do.  Focus on quitting a bad habit makes it only more impossible.  Focus on the results of good and it will manifest itself.

  “Remember that the law of growth necessarily governs every manifestation in the objective, so that a denial of unsatisfactory conditions will not bring about instant change. A plant will remain visible for some time after its roots have been cut, but it will gradually fade away and eventually disappear, so the withdrawal of your thought from the contemplation of unsatisfactory conditions will gradually, but surely, terminate these conditions.”

This week my husband, several times, asked me my opinion of something, and I (who usually has an opinion on EVERYTHING) could only say, “I don’t have an opinion about that, what do YOU think?”  He finds this very frustrating.  I’m just the observer. 

I’d also like to report that I have a water additive which I used for plants last week.  The orchid that has been looking like it was dying, now has signs of blooms emerging soon!

I will add a photo so you can see it, when we meet again! … for now just IMAGINE



Week 13 MKE – Why bad things happen to good people?

My title is the issue many church goers have.  We see in the MKE the answer!  It is a challenge presented or perceived, and everyone has those.  You know people who have experienced a tragedy in life who have gone on to take the experience or close knowledge of that situation to a higher level.  You also probably know people whose lives were crippled because of their loss.  This is the mental outlook and it works on a large scale tragedy as well as the everyday bump in the road! I am grateful for the change in outlook!  Life is a possibility.

My day yesterday, the day before the day before Christmas had some spillover from the day before.  There were piles and piles of presents to wrap.  We have a large family and a few other people will be attending the gathering.  Some of the wrapping was facing me in the morning, to be followed by the original plan for the day.  Get it done, do it now!  In spite of working steadily, the day was running faster than I was.

When finally finished in the early afternoon I took off for the town errands, shifted the times I’d do some of the other things, returned a dish that was left after our party, got to the first store, where I quickly found the things I was looking for.  My aim was to return home in time to be on the webinar beginning at four o’clock.  This goal quickly fell apart when I got to the cash register and discovered my wallet missing. Oh no – well recover fast.

I have to admit on the way home, all sorts of thoughts went through my mind, but everything was quickly recovered and turned around to resume the errands.  The weather had made a surprising turn and it was pouring rain when I got parked for the second stop.  No umbrella was in the car.  Not caring what it looked like, I covered my head with a bag from the first store and made a dash.  I quickly found the book title I was looking for, paid and made another dash through the downpour.  Again the next store was an easy in and out, but the time I had allotted was up!  So I got right onto the webinar on my phone.

So I easily overcame that obstacle, only to be surprised there were no lights in our house.  Of course this means I couldn’t go be on the rest of the webinar, and the plan of cooking something to go along with the roasted chicken I just bought for dinner was out.  One dash into the house and I quickly decided we’d just go ahead with a salad and the chicken immediately and not wait for the power to resume.

After dinner, I planned to iron.  That was not going to happen and the power remained out for hours.

I settled in on the couch to read and review instead and after a few hours decided to call it a night, though early.  Needless to say the power resumed during the night and I awakened around 3:30am.  I was totally ready for the new day.

These disruptions could have thrown my former self into  complete disarray. I could have panicked and let my attitude go askew.  So many good things happened in the day to be grateful for, how could I possibly complain?

Now, up so early, I have the time to make my posting.  There’s much more to write, but this will suffice for now.  It is Christmas eve, and there’s much more to be done.

Merry Christmas!  Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep with the reading, Persist, love, and continue the habits.  Power to be the best I can be is a wonderful thing.  I’m making my DMP come true!  How about you?



MKE – Week 12 What’s Next? At the fork in the road…


This week I have more friends on Marco Polo, more appointments for my business, more group calls, more, more, more!

What I’ve wanted for so long is happening, now what?

business woman in front of two roads thinking deciding hoping for best taking chance

This class shows 24 weeks in the class listings, so we are at the half way mark and I’ve begun to wonder about “the afterlife for an MKE’er.”  Will we remain friends the way some people do after college?  Or will we go our separate ways?  Will we read and re-read the passages to stay in harmony and not revert to the old ways?

Yesterday I saw a car sitting in the “in between area” on an interstate highway where the choice is left lanes break off to a new route and right lanes continue on the same numbered route.  It’s a point of decision.  Like this…


and so my thoughts go to the future.  Meanwhile, I have my DMP.  Haanel* says, (6) But your ideal must be sharp, clear-cut, definite; to have one ideal today, another tomorrow, and a thrid next week, means to scatter your forces and accomplish nothing; your result will be a meaningless and chaotic combination of wasted material.  Am I still in the old blueprint of doing too many different things?  We’re having a Christmas party here at our home on Tuesday.  So far nearly 65 have RSVP’d, I am holding my second meetup group in two weeks between now and then, I’m reaching out to work my business, will spend perhaps as much as many put into a day of work in trainings.  But, on the other hand, these are all consistent with my DMP and I joyfully choose this road! (17) The law is that thought will correlate with its object and bringforth in the material world the correspondence of the thing thought or produced in the mental world.  We then discern the absolute necessity of seeing that every thought has the inherent germ of truth in order that the law of growth will bring into manifestation good, for good alone can confer any permanent power.

I persist.  I win.  This will be the best day of my life!