Blog Page for Master Key Experience Updates

Week 1 – Thank you to the Universe for this Invitation! I will do my best.


I’m thrilled to be here!  Over many years I’ve heard from friends about how great it is to participate in a Master Key group.  Consequently with this opportunity before me, I jumped at that chance.

It has been a crazy week getting oriented so far this week, and overwhelming to get a grasp on everything I should be doing.  In fact, I wanted to use my own blogsite, and listed it in my application and not this one.  It is something I started years ago and never finished.

So if that’s any indicator, my big present for doing this project will be to achieve completion!  I want very much to learn how to blog, and to actually DO IT!  There are other things I’ve been studying, and like this, I get a nice start, understand the overview, and then …      I am changing that now.

So words phrases such as would have , or should have are banished as of now.  I am a person who does what she says! I love being here and want to stay!