Popular caught my attention!

What actually makes up the cells of your body?  What is absorbed?  Where does it go? How does nutrition reach your cells? Are your vitamins absorbed?

Back in 1967 I became interested in Nutrition, on the popular side, not as a serious study of my own.

I gained my beliefs from reading Adele Davis books.

One of the most popular of her books was a book I poured over, while at the same time, I was drinking diet soda sweetened with one of the newest artificial sweeteners of the day (which has since been banned, of course).

I read and re-read Adele Davis’ book.  I learned the TRUTHS of the day, for me.  I learned more about various nutrients, and learned to be skeptical of prepared and processed foods.  I became a supplement user and believer!

  This book became my “Bible” for the most popular thing we do 3 times a day and while I didn’t know much, I was learning!

My interest went to what to have in my vitamins, should it be the RDA, could it be more? Is less better, how many vitamins do we really need?
Thus began my journey to these –

I’ll be telling more and more, but two of the most memorable and devastating little facts for me were 1) The death of Adele Davis in 1974, when she was only 70 years of age.  How could this be?  I was crushed that the pioneer of the nutritional revolution who taught so much about living a healthy life would be dead at such a young age.

My second devastating fact 2) came to me a little later, and I won’t show any pictures of it. If you’re like me, you’ll get the idea. It was a story that sewage treatment plants have visible vitamin pills being swept around in the sludge.  The clear connotation that most vitamins in pill form go right through the body, and come out the other end intact, of course leaving none of their “stuff” whether good for you or not in your system.

Thus begins the search for more absorbable nutrition! Here’s one I found!

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”  Arthur Conan Doyle


2020 The strangest year of our lives

For me the “shutdown” of 2020 caused by the PANdemIC panic began while we had puppies.  In a way, I was happy when the Leonberger club (and everything else) canceled the annual meeting and dog show.

We would have had to stay home because we had puppies.  They were born on February 17th, 2020.

When the 3-11 shutdown occurred, the puppies were occupying my total attention, so it was a little bit nice to know I wasn’t missing out on going out since everyone was in the same “boat,” so to speak.

(Speaking of boats, we had enjoyed several cruises the past couple of years. I do hope we can enjoy that again some day in the not too distant future.)

Now we’re just past 11-3 (election day) which seems to be what the PANdemIC panic was really all about.  Everything has not been revealed to us publicly yet, but I’m so glad the unfolding will soon be happening bit by bit.

God continues to be faithful to us.  The sun rises every morning producing daylight, even when it is a rainy day.  We have all that we really need and best of all is faith in our creator.

The more quiet time has allowed for inward meditation.



Lady’s babies are here! Leonberger puppies!


My renewed excitement in life is kindled by the birth experience as I lived it through my Champion Mom Lady.  The babies were born two and a half weeks ago.

I will recall for you some snippets of moments of that experience.  Breeding a girl like Lady takes the cooperation of not only nature but the wonderful people in the Leonberger community.  We made some sort of verbal arrangement last summer.  Then we waited and waited month-after-month for her to come into season.

Lady had her first litter of puppies in June of 2018.  After giving birth, it seemed she would not go through the awful changes everyone told me she would experience — losing almost all of her coat, being skinny — but she did, in fact, go through stage.  Gradually she emerged again in glory ready for a show again.

For this proud mama, she did well.  No!  She was magnificent!  One of her puppies stayed with us, and Lady and Dara became close buddies.  I believe Lady truly forgot that she ever had puppies.  She lives in the moment.  Unlike the human trait of analyzing and thinking about how things happened, it seems intuitive that dogs are present for the moment only.  It’s not that they do not know things, they just don’t seem to think like we do.

I’m getting off track!


Plan for Better Body week 1

The food is DELICIOUS!   I like the taste of these products and unlike all other shakes I’ve tried, they do not require a blender!

A simple shaker cup will do it or just stir into a little water in a glass, add some ice, more water, and stir.  The consistency of the shake is more granular and it dissolves easily in water.  The taste is a satisfying and good tasting.  I look forward to it at breakfast and dinner.

More than that, today is actually my 5th day on this program and this morning the scale showed 5 pounds moving toward my ultimate goal!  I don’t know if you can tell, but I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN ECSTATIC!  Some people may think this is trivial, but  I have struggled constantly just to not gain more and more!

One day was a little rough in the afternoon.

But when I realized the reason I was so ravenously hungry was simply that I had not followed the program of eating the snacks as prescribed!

The other things I’ve done so far in straying from the letter of the plan are – didn’t drink enough water! (one of my biggest problems — is it yours too? )  Also, bad me, I indulged in 1 glass of red wine with my shrimp cocktail “late afternoon snack” when I socialized by going to a happy hour.  So I say not bad, not bad moving this far toward my goal in the first week!

Wanna do it too?



This is REALLY Embarrassing

Here we go again! How many diets have you tried?  These pictures actually scare me, because it is not how I view myself!  I think of myself as I was in my teenage and early twenties.  I was slim and had a very flat tummy!
I’m one of those people who buy magazines at the grocery checkout based on the before and after pictures, and I’m always concentrating on dieting.

Usually, I try the meal plan at least for a few days and decide if I like it or not. I do have a few that I go back to and I can count on dropping off a couple of pounds in a short while with them. Nothing has ever been something I could stick with in the past.

With this diet, my BIG motivation will be seeing these pictures that I am putting out here for anyone to see. This is what I don’t want to be looking or feeling like.

I’ll update you on my progress every few days. I’ll tell you if it is easy or not. Follow me if you’d like!


Are you working on a plan to become who you want to be too?



Packing and Unpacking

I am not a list maker by nature!

Morning packing!

I like to pack for a trip by getting up in the morning and getting dressed.

I put everything into my cosmetic bag that I put on, as I use it.

I usually take too many clothes, and sometimes not the right things.  At least I think about what I might need.  Shoes are the single most important item.  Nothing is worse than being unable to walk because your feet hurt.

I love the excitement of getting ready for a trip.

I usually get more done just getting ready to go.  It is the best time to clear my desk too.  Sometimes I take organizational tasks with me and find it easy to take care of them while I’m gone and there aren’t so many things to do!

However the main thing is being able to focus on having a good time and “being with ” everyone you’re with on a trip!

Think of everything

Pack the best attitude possible and the rest will fall into line for you!  It always does for me.

Would YOU enjoy traveling more?  Click here for more information on how to travel 5 star on a 3 star budget?



To your abundant life!





Three Reasons to Travel

Packing bags, getting ready seems like such a job.

Details, details, details.  I’m not a list maker, but I believe I will become one!  Going away from home for more than a weekend there are many things that just simply have to be done.  Bills paid?  Everyone notified? Arrangements for other people to do things every day? A place to stay?  Reservations for a car and activities? Documents in order?  Laundry? Packing?  So for the first part, a great deal of planning and energy goes into getting ready.  This builds anticipation of something fun to come and that is exciting.  Getting ready is a booster to morale!  There is a drop-dead deadline.  When it is time to leave for a flight, you’ve got to be ready!

Then the relaxation begins.  Even before arriving, there’s some time to read, to think, to relax.  Traveling itself is very exciting and fun.

Could the sky be any bluer? Seeing all the other travelers is interesting if you are a people-watcher!  Whatever your view, you get to see it from a new angle!


The Promise

Nice that a vacation in another place is the experience of a time-stops-still kind of pace.  Instead of clock time, everything is “in the moment.”  Drink it in, savor it.  It is a click-click-click in the mind as though a camera were recording every moment!

What is bluer than sky? Water!







The third reason for me is returning.  It is not with sadness, it is happiness and a new perspective!  Energized!  Being refreshed and having been pampered there’s a new energy of expectation of how I want my life and surroundings to be!  So a part of the “vacation brought home” involves the vision of and what I can do to be better and to do better.

Our last view on this trip of Hawaiian Sunset!

In case you want to experience travel as I do, ask me about it and how we are doing this much in our retirement!

To your abundant life,

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Why I Love/Hate and almost Quit Network Marketing


My earliest intro to MLM was with a home party program for some type of household decor.

I got some kickoff leads and started holding home parties.  It was fun to be the presenter and people make orders left and right.  I got a few bookings and was right into profit mode.  The downsides, as I recall, included mainly the fact that I had to pack up all the stuff into my car, unload and set up a display at someone’s home, and then repack it after taking orders at the end of the evening.

So I looked for something I deemed “easier.”

I always wanted something fun.  I loved having clear beautiful skin, so skincare was for me!   We had a system of doing demonstrations on one half the face.  The team I was with drove across two states to attend trade show events.  We did complimentary demonstrations and pushed our product!  It was a LOT of fun for me being with this group and we were go-getters.  We also had mailer postcards in which we claimed to make you look 10 years younger in about 10 minutes.  Each upfront sale netted about a hundred dollars, so it was paydirt, up until you actually added up driving costs and hotel costs for the trip!  As time went on I was so excited about this product, I could only think about it and nothing else.  I visioned getting all my actual friends to use it. I was obnoxious.  I know they have a saying that “ignorance on fire” is a good thing, but for me, it led me quickly to the NFL (no friends left) club.

Therefore, I began studying how to “Keep My Mouth Shut.”

This method didn’t work so well.   While I continued to try new network marketing products, I continued to keep my mouth shut, and so,

I essentially Quit Network Marketing!

Want to find out why I’m still writing about it now?


To your massive success!




I’ll get going right after…I remove the finger prints from the TV screen!

Right after I pay the bills, I’ll write my blog post for today!

Right after the closet is rearranged, I’ll make appointments.

Right after I wash up these dishes, I’ll invite some friends for a get-together.

Right after I take out the trash, I’ll get started on social media posting.

Right after the kids go back to school, I will begin my new home business.

You get the point!  I’m the queen of “Right After.”  You may be also!

It all comes back to What do I really want?

Do I really want to be a blogger?  Do I really want to make appointments that turn into sales?  Do I really want to help other people become successful in doing the same thing?  Do I really want to run a successful home business?

So two-step tango really:  1. Write down what you really want and 2. Write down what you will do.

Then do it right away!


To your massive success!








3 Important steps to become a successful network marketer.

  1. Join a company with a valid product you really love or can become passionate about.
  2. Decide and begin quickly to promote.
  3. Get going every day to repeat step 2!  Do not over think it, and do not complicate it!

When you check out the company, spend a little time researching how long it has been in business, how many reps are already selling the product, whether they truly have a unique niche product that people will want.  Many companies go out of business each year and many new companies launch each year.  Getting into one that’s on the startup side of things allows more possibilities to take a larger market share if you are in the earlier stages!   Make sure you absolutely love the product and do a little looking around.  Maybe nearly the same thing is available somewhere else.  Make sure the product does what is claimed, suggested.  Health and wellness companies are springing up daily it seems.  Once in a long while there’s something really new, but most companies are in the “me too” business.  What they offer is also offered elsewhere —  ( and sometimes that’s right there in your local health food store, drugstore, or grocery).

Joining a winning person or team can also help you, but ultimately these types of business have as a selling point that you will be in business for yourself, so the adage, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”  is true.  So ultimately this requires self-confidence.  I can point you to some great sources for that! 🙂

Look around and join someone who you can feel comfortable will be there to help you, but not manage you. You want someone with leadership but not someone who wants to hold your hand!  After all, isn’t what you are looking for something you can hold in your own hands? 


To your massive success,