MKE – Week 11 What’s happening here?

I am so very excited to report that I met with a wonderful friend this week.  I met her when she was a volunteer who was assigned by hospice to make visits to my close family member during her last months.  This amazing lady showed incredible kindness to us at that time.  I invited her to lunch, took her a gift and had a wonderful visit with her.  I’m not telling this to have anyone think I did something extra special or good.  I did it out of love this class is teaching, and it is part of the person I am becoming.  It is my new Blueprint.

This week I also witnessed the spirituality to another friend in a way I have never found it comfortable to do.  I described to her the part in our lessons about who is “I” when we say “I” and I explained the discussion about the body, the mind, the “soul.”   We both shared some ideas that opened our friendship, I felt to a different level.

In another encounter with people, (and this is personal) I attended a social function.  I normally really enjoy having a glass of wine.  I don’t think anything is wrong with that, but with my DMP and goals it would not be a “smart” choice in line with my DMP to partake of wine at this time.  I FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, was able to just have a glass of water and enjoy the party and the rest of the guests.  I had a really nice time and got to be an observer, and find some other people to compliment.

So this week’s lesson is more about the LAWS of the universe.  I’m reporting a few  anecdotal incidents, which add to the collection of what makes up inductive reasoning for me.  I wear my compass everywhere, have made many switches in thought and action which is propelling me!  I love this new life and I love the challenge this course is giving me, the seeking of understanding of this life journey we are in together, and the deeper level of richness and responsibility we are all developing.

Since we’re exposed to this, won’t we carry a burden to share the news?  Isn’t this something we want for our family members and our closest outsider friends?  Isn’t this a terrific gift to have received and think about in our season of gifts?  Isn’t this an amazing awesome gift we can give to some other special person?

In our sun room, several plants are not doing so well.  I will try an experiment and give them water with an additive reported to help.  Let’s see if that will work like the practice and repetition of statements, the keeping positive thoughts, and definite purpose in the mind constantly works for us.  Let’s see the roots deepen!  I always keep my promises!




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