MKE – Week 18 A week of special significance!

This is the week I’ve been waiting for!

This is the week that is a turning point.  Along my journey is all wrapped up whatever my Mother taught me.  This week my daughters and I will travel for a girls’ get-a-way to the home where I lived when I finished high school, went to college – whether I lived there full time or not, it was home.

This is the home I went to while moving when my first child was born.

This is the home I went to visit after I had a family of my own!

The haunting, hold you back statements of my Mother, yet the wonderful complete love she gave to me.  The uplifting statements she made out of love I remember,  and I remember many more of these than the statements that showed lack and uncertainty, but they were there too.

All of this makes up my blueprint.  Some of it was excellent training.  Some of it was something I immaturely rebelled against.  Some of it was wrong thinking, but everyone makes mistakes, and even I as a child perhaps misread.

Is there a limiting feeling I have?  Do I still have it?  Or is my change freeing me of this mindset?

This will be a fun and wonderful weekend in harmony and laughter.

I will be present with my girls!  I will listen to them, for they are wonderful creations that I had a part in shaping.  Sure I made mistakes with them too!  Will they someday unravel the cement I placed on them?  Will they see more of the good things too? Will they know my love for them?  (It is a part of my Definite Major Purpose)

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