MKE – Week 19 – The fantastic Weekend and the Week Beyond

Ah!  My dream weekend came and quickly whirled by!  I was a participant, and an observer.  Everything (almost ) went just as I hoped.

My daughters seemed perfect to me.  They were fun to be with and we were all in harmony.  I was in a place of my past, but with the people of the present.  It was not difficult, but a few cobwebs did get shaken up!  Would you go there if your adolescent home had become a bed and breakfast?  Would you enjoy meeting the new residents?  Would your mind conjure up memories you had long forgotten?  What would the blend of old and new do to your new blueprint?

For me it was an experience I could take in as an observer.

However this week I have had some difficulty.  For the first time, I defiantly seemed to veer off track — and it does not feel good.  I have had two outbursts of emotions that seem to be not controlled for me.  I have been upset.

But I hold the key.  I shall live this day as though it is my last and if I am so fortunate to have another, I will gratefully accept it as a new day, a new beginning, and I will begin anew my journey.  I will persist.  I will succeed.  I will give to others without expecting anything in return.  I will write it, I will say it, I will become it.  I will live my life with abundance and for it I am completely all filled up with gratitude.

I cannot go back.  I forgive, and I hope forgiven.  I have TODAY and I will live it as though it is my last.


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