MKE – Week 11 What’s happening here?

I am so very excited to report that I met with a wonderful friend this week.  I met her when she was a volunteer who was assigned by hospice to make visits to my close family member during her last months.  This amazing lady showed incredible kindness to us at that time.  I invited her to lunch, took her a gift and had a wonderful visit with her.  I’m not telling this to have anyone think I did something extra special or good.  I did it out of love this class is teaching, and it is part of the person I am becoming.  It is my new Blueprint.

This week I also witnessed the spirituality to another friend in a way I have never found it comfortable to do.  I described to her the part in our lessons about who is “I” when we say “I” and I explained the discussion about the body, the mind, the “soul.”   We both shared some ideas that opened our friendship, I felt to a different level.

In another encounter with people, (and this is personal) I attended a social function.  I normally really enjoy having a glass of wine.  I don’t think anything is wrong with that, but with my DMP and goals it would not be a “smart” choice in line with my DMP to partake of wine at this time.  I FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, was able to just have a glass of water and enjoy the party and the rest of the guests.  I had a really nice time and got to be an observer, and find some other people to compliment.

So this week’s lesson is more about the LAWS of the universe.  I’m reporting a few  anecdotal incidents, which add to the collection of what makes up inductive reasoning for me.  I wear my compass everywhere, have made many switches in thought and action which is propelling me!  I love this new life and I love the challenge this course is giving me, the seeking of understanding of this life journey we are in together, and the deeper level of richness and responsibility we are all developing.

Since we’re exposed to this, won’t we carry a burden to share the news?  Isn’t this something we want for our family members and our closest outsider friends?  Isn’t this a terrific gift to have received and think about in our season of gifts?  Isn’t this an amazing awesome gift we can give to some other special person?

In our sun room, several plants are not doing so well.  I will try an experiment and give them water with an additive reported to help.  Let’s see if that will work like the practice and repetition of statements, the keeping positive thoughts, and definite purpose in the mind constantly works for us.  Let’s see the roots deepen!  I always keep my promises!




MKE – Week 10

Perfect Harmony


In the past week I have begun to meet some of the amazing people in the MKE class of 2017.  We are all “working” and thinking, practicing, and memorizing so that the dominating thoughts of minds are the movie poster version of our lives.

This week my husband has seemed to be more aware of the things I’m working on and today his comment if you are working to earn money, I hope it will be a LOT of money! seemed like encouragement to me.  ( So I have permission! Go for it.)  He expressed feeling that I am spending a lot of time on phone calls or computer — and therefore not with him.  When I told him that I can plan time for him, he expressed his approval again.

I am finding my written Definite Major Purpose needs a little tweak here and there AND I’ve volunteered to be of service where there is no expectation of reciprocity, so that part has come to be!  I’m on my way to becoming the new ME in the poster!  (Some other amazing things have begun as well!)

This week I’d like to point to some of my favorites from this lesson and those that came before.  I went back in a search of Harmony. What do you think? Listen as you read the selections I’ve chosen!  Enjoy and relax.


  • Harmony in the world within results in optimism and affluence;  affluence within results in affluence without.   (Riches begin in your mind.)
  • Life is an unfoldment, not accretion.  What comes to us in the world without is what we already possess in the world within.
  • The subconscious mind perceives by intuition.  Hence, its processes are rapid.  It does not wait for the slow methods of conscious reasoning.  In fact, it can not employ them.  (
  • You have found that the individual may act on the Universal, and that the result of this action and interaction is cause and effect.  Thought, therefore, is the cause, and the experiences with which you meet in life are the effect.  Eliminate, therefore, any possible tendency to complain of conditions as they have been, or as they are, because it rests with you to change them and make them what you would like them to be. 
  • Over-work or over-play or over-bodily activity of any kind produces conditions of mental apathy and stagnation which makes it impossible to do the more important work which results in a realization of conscious power.  We should, therefore, seek the Silence frequently.  Power comes through repose; it is in the Silence that we can be still, and when we are still, we can think, and thought is the secret of all attainment.
  • If you have been faithful to your ideal, you will hear the call when circumstances are ready to materialize your plans and results will correspond in the exact ration of your fidelity to your ideal.  The ideal steadily held is what predetermines and attracts the necessary conditions for its fulfillment.
  • Act is the blossom of thought, and conditions are the result of action, so that you constantly have in your possession the tools by which you will certainly and inevitably make or unmake yourself, and joy or suffering will be the reward.
  • Hold in mind the condition desired; affirm it as an already existing fact.
  • I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.
  • Wisdom, strength, courage and all harmonious conditions are the result of power and we have seen that all power is from within; likewise, every lack, limitation, or adverse circumstance is the result of weakness, and weakness is simply absence of power; it comes from nowhere, it is nothing — the remedy then is simply to develop power, and this is accomplished in exactly the same manner that all power is developed, by exercise.

MKE week 9 – The Mastermind

Today is Thanksgiving Day!  A day of Gratitude and emotion!

Readings done in the morning.  Connect with new MKE Friends, family gathers, we enjoy the day, and for me the special time with two of our granddaughters was a joy.

Years ago in the time before Christmas, I began the tradition of having one of those pre made gingerbread houses for the girls to put together.  I recall the frustration the girls experienced and then this led to wandering attention.  The results were less than I hoped and I wondered if it was a good thing to do!   But this year really showed the efforts have paid off.  The girls now 11 and almost 9 really dug right in.  This year I bought two different kits instead of identical houses.  I had a plan in case they weren’t agreeable in choosing who would build which kit, but perfectly there was no conflict and the girls were excited to begin.

They gave the projects full attention and did a great job completing.  They were fully engaged and really enjoyed producing very nice results!  I think this little example shows the power of repetition – even as modest as annually for 5 years or so!

Repetition daily must be so powerful. …

On to other matters — I LOVE MY MKE friends!  I have so much gratitude for the great people I have interacted with so far.  Of course I look forward to meeting and getting to know many of our members.  For right now, I’m thrilled with the exceptional  people I’ve met.   We will over time help each other to achieve our goals!   I have some challenges I’ve accepted.  I’m so grateful, for I need accountability!

The revelation of how powerful it is to be going through this process with others and to be able to get to know them is making me shiver from the great understanding of this powerful gift we have.

Happy Thanksgiving!


MKE – Week 8 My Compass

Week 8 I’m loving the Master Key Experience!

This week I added onto my Dream Board, Completed recordings, and followed the program everyday.  There weren’t any big events for me this week – no trips, no medical issues for either of us, but I misplaced my Compass!

This wasn’t the only little glitch thrown my way, I was actually locked out of this Blogsite, but was able to solve that challenge so quickly and easily that by this time, I have all but forgotten it.

However, the compass I’ve been wearing gone, was an interesting experience.  It was almost like I was lost without it.  I searched every where imaginable, and could only think I took it off somewhere else in the house.  I searched under the cushions at the place I normally sit to read, beside my bed on, in under the nightstand, all around my kitchen sink window.  Where could it be?

I substituted wearing a bracelet that I had placed the compass on several times, and this served to remind me what direction I was going!  However it was still a nagging omission to be without the actual compass!

How could this habit have become so quickly ingrained?  Now it became even more a habit to wear the compass, because it is now in my brain.  Maybe in the future it will be unnecessary to actually wear it, because my imagination will carry it, and keep me aimed correctly!

As always, I’m sure there’s much more to report, but my focus this week centered around my compass!

This may be my first late post!

I found my compass.

Want to find yours? 




MKE – Week 7

This has been the most amazing time and yet I feel as though I’ve gone backwards at the same time really moving forward!

I’m enjoying the mental cleanse immensely and believe I’ve kept my outlook as a neutral observer easily.  There have been some frustrating moments, but I seem to be catching them in time!   I am absolutely thrilled at seeming to have a lot more time than ever before.  I’m enjoying the pace of the study!

Thinking is what I seem to be doing all the time, yet things everywhere are neater and my “service list” accomplished is really making me feel terrific!  Meanwhile, I’ve never taken much interest in music!  Sure I took the basic piano lessons for a number of years as a child, so I’m grateful to be able to read music, but I would not be able to identify a key from its sound and I cannot easily tell the lyrics when sung.

Consequently I had to think a great deal about the kind of music I enjoy.  Clearly the Gospel music of Elvis is worth listing.  So my background of my audio clip contains this song of Praise:

I’ve found the search may not be what I thought it was — I feel content and competent.  I feel freedom to pursue my dreams and yet still tweaking to be sure.  Can I be a contributor, a part of something large? I can easily do this.  I am still discovering it!

The sounds everywhere are something i notice more.  Early today, it was raining softly when I went outside.  The tiny misty drops made a glorious sound that seemed amplified when the drops hit trees which have not yet lost their leaves for winter!

I’m so delighted we have variety!

More to follow!


MKE – Week 6

I want to share my excitement as I show you this picture of our cabin located about an hour away from our home.  We’re going to fix it up to have a welcoming and relaxing weekend place! The inside is a blank slate — one room with a partial wall in the wrong place.  So, like a fresh canvas, we will make our new creation!

Our Cabin – Before…

We’ll have a lot of fun working on this place to make it inviting and cozy and comfortable.  The area is absolutely gorgeous.  I imagine coming here to relax and take photos, take walks, and sketch after we finish the project!

Meanwhile its a great exercise working on the floor plan we want!  Later the steps will be picking out all the materials that will make this place a fun place to relax.

Light coming through the umbrella of trees.

What does this have to do with week 6?  It’s just a little piece of my vision board!  I’m very excited about the possibilities!  It’s not a wish, not a dream, but it is becoming a plan!


MKE – Week 5

What a week!   We had out of town guests, so my study routine was kicked a little bit.  I adapted as much as I could, but missed some of the training and also got a little bit off schedule.

For me, however, I can say I am celebrating the “service” card!  I’m jumping up and down excited that I’m getting these things done.  It makes me feel like anything is possible, and I suppose that is the intention!

As I will next work on my first revision of my work in progress “Press Release,”  I am thinking about all kinds of additional things to add into my vision of life.  That zest to live is within me.  I feel it!  My usually inactive body has come to life.  I’m tired when I fall into bed at night, but I sleep so soundly.  Life has become amazing!

Thanks MKE!   This is great.  Anyone else feeling like that as week 5 comes to an end?

We drove our guests out to a remote place we have in the Woods of West Virginia.  You can see the bright sunny sky and the color of the season!  I love the shadows and bright areas.  I took pictures of things I’d like to sketch or paint.  Our colors are present and the path ahead is there because someone has gone before us.

Deep breath, relax and be there in the moment.  My mind was racing to all the “things” I needed to be doing, but then I thought, Relax. Enjoy it!  Breathe in breathe out.  Be there.  See the beauty and be thankful!

I had a great time!



MKE– Week 4 More

I felt compelled to write just a little snippet more to my previous Week 4 post…

After I read some of other people’s words on the week last evening, I awoke with an incredible sadness, feeling like I might be dropped out of this group for my failure to communicate deep feelings.  My inadequacy feeling overcame me for a little while.  (And as you might guess, all the little things the could go wrong, did.)  But then I took a little time out.  My observation was that my own post seemed so shallow, as though written by one of my young grandchildren.  My mind wandered.  But then, I thought, this is not something I have practiced.  I cannot expect to immediately be exceptional doing something that I’ve never done before.  Oh sure, you can see my first post here was the major part of a decade ago.  How many posts were that?  So I’m totally delighted that the blogging I always wanted to do is a REQUIREMENT here!   With practice, I will surely get better!  Maybe I’ll develop style.  Maybe I’ll develop fascinating content.   Maybe I’ll send a powerful message.  I can be what I will to be!

Now it is time to focus on some beauty.  Now it is time to do what I said I would do.

I always keep my promises.  Breathe in, breathe out.   

October Yellow Rose

MKE Week 4 — Who am I Lord?

Who am I   (Click/listen)

As I sit here to write out this post, I’m filled with the awe that some of the ideas of my youth are being stirred in the MKE readings!  I got so busy! Life went on day by day.  I thought I was stopping to smell the roses, maybe not! (And what is busy?)

I’m suggestible and always keep myself away from really bad influence as I know how much the power of suggestion impacts me.  So at least I have given myself some measure of protection.  In fact, some might say I live in a bubble!  Meanwhile here come thoughts that I’ve also stuffed to the background:  Someday, I will paint again.  Someday, I’d like to see Australia.  Someday, I will learn more about therapy animals and visit in nursing homes.  Someday, I will become a larger political contributor!  Someday, I will be a better grandmother.  Someday I will be the one who shows everyone appreciation.  Someday, someday!  Someday is NOW.

Who am I?  Am I the smile? Am I the twinkling eyes?  Am I the one who does or the one who waits for life?   “I” am coming into focus.

I am making decisions to simplify the things in my life and add more people.  I am closing out the noise and opening up ideas.  I am feeling much gratitude for this experience and want everyone who is a part of this group to feel its blessing.  My eyes are open to possibilities!

“I”‘m evolving!  We’re evolving!

Week 1 – Thank you to the Universe for this invitation! I will do my best.

I’m thrilled to be here!  Over many years I’ve heard from friends about how great it is to participate in a Master Key group.  Consequently with this opportunity before me, I jumped at that chance.

It has been a crazy week getting oriented so far this week, and overwhelming to get a grasp on everything I should be doing.  In fact, I wanted to use my own blogsite, and listed it in my application and not this one.  It is something I started years ago and never finished.

So if that’s any indicator, my big present for doing this project will be to achieve completion!  I want very much to learn how to blog, and to actually DO IT!  There are other things I’ve been studying, and like this, I get a nice start, understand the overview, and then …      I am changing that now.

So words phrases such as would have , or should have are banished as of now.  I am a person who does what she says! I love being here and want to stay!