Plan for Better Body week 1

The food is DELICIOUS!   I like the taste of these products and unlike all other shakes I’ve tried, they do not require a blender!

A simple shaker cup will do it or just stir into a little water in a glass, add some ice, more water, and stir.  The consistency of the shake is more granular and it dissolves easily in water.  The taste is a satisfying and good tasting.  I look forward to it at breakfast and dinner.

More than that, today is actually my 5th day on this program and this morning the scale showed 5 pounds moving toward my ultimate goal!  I don’t know if you can tell, but I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN ECSTATIC!  Some people may think this is trivial, but  I have struggled constantly just to not gain more and more!

One day was a little rough in the afternoon.

But when I realized the reason I was so ravenously hungry was simply that I had not followed the program of eating the snacks as prescribed!

The other things I’ve done so far in straying from the letter of the plan are – didn’t drink enough water! (one of my biggest problems — is it yours too? )  Also, bad me, I indulged in 1 glass of red wine with my shrimp cocktail “late afternoon snack” when I socialized by going to a happy hour.  So I say not bad, not bad moving this far toward my goal in the first week!

Wanna do it too?



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