Press Release

This is an interview with Louise by a local reporter for the “News Dispatch,” a fictional local paper and my good friend Shirley is interviewing me.  We are of course enjoying a cup of coffee for me, and for Shirley, some tea.  It’s a sunny afternoon and we’re sitting in my dining room.  I have kept the same dishes I bought in 2001, and there’s a story there too, but another day for that.

S:”Louise, you’ve always assumed some kind of leadership role in most organizations you’ve been associated with, haven’t you?  But this is much different, you’re not just leading a discussion or a meeting.  Here you’ve actually helped these women find their way in life, to be fully self sustaining and in fact, well off.  When did you become aware that there was so much abundance that was available?”

L:”I’ve understood this for a long time, Shirley.”  However, I didn’t have the — whatever it takes– to really kick me in the but to make me do something about it.  That came during the time I was in the Master Key Experience.  I became aware that I could do so much more and I really wanted to sell products.  However I always felt like I was taking advantage of people somehow, so I backed away.  After undertaking this study, things shifted for me and I saw how much good I could do. ”

S:”So could you describe how your own life has changed.”

L:”The primary way, besides having many of life’s best treats – like being able to travel all over the world and have many friends from different places, is that I feel amazing and my husband is healthy too.  We have the fortune of being able to get up everyday with something great to be doing.  We work on one of his projects or I work helping other people to achieve what they want.”

more to follow…