How’s your diet going, Louise?

When I began a diet, my focus was on eating and losing.   Is it like that for you?

Now, I’m focusing on drinking and my new slim body!   Water, that is, and maybe not the mirror, but slim pictures of my new self!

I’m also tuning in to the timing in my own body to both utilize this product  that I found to help me be

successful.  And do you sometimes eat when you aren’t hungry at all?  

I did too. 

So far, the product works to curb hunger.  When I use one capsule and my daybreak or max coffee in the morning and

maybe a second beverage whenever I become really hungry.

I can control my urges to snack.

and at mealtime do you ever feel like you can’t stop eating?

I think this might help you if you are like I am.  Because now I really do not feel like eating more and more anymore!

Would it be the same for you?

I don’t know!

I can only suggest you try it and see!  Start small, then make your plan and see that it is helping a little, then add more choices and play around with a smart ship!  Once you too become a regular user,  the results can speak for themselves!

Why wait?

Do it now. 🙂

This is REALLY Embarrassing

Here we go again! How many diets have you tried?  These pictures actually scare me, because it is not how I view myself!  I think of myself as I was in my teenage and early twenties.  I was slim and had a very flat tummy!
I’m one of those people who buy magazines at the grocery checkout based on the before and after pictures, and I’m always concentrating on dieting.

Usually, I try the meal plan at least for a few days and decide if I like it or not. I do have a few that I go back to and I can count on dropping off a couple of pounds in a short while with them. Nothing has ever been something I could stick with in the past.

With this diet, my BIG motivation will be seeing these pictures that I am putting out here for anyone to see. This is what I don’t want to be looking or feeling like.

I’ll update you on my progress every few days. I’ll tell you if it is easy or not. Follow me if you’d like!


Are you working on a plan to become who you want to be too?