Week 14 – MKE Holiday Movies and Persistence

I’m not usually a football fan, but I LOVED Rudy!  It’s an old movie, but surprise, surprise, my husband who watches movies all the time, had. not. seen. it! He enjoyed it too! Persistence, hard work, to follow the definite purpose is what it’s all about!

Consequently we BOTH really enjoyed it.  The final 10 minutes took us over 30 minutes to watch however, due to excruciating-ly slow internet connection.  This seemed only to accentuate the persistence of the 5 footer playing the game of his life.  Needless to say it was inspirational!  It emphasized also the thoughts in our readings from the Scrolls as well to throw out words like impossible!

My days following the compass are flying by like a bird in the sky.  This is evidenced by the clock in our kitchen.  Before the past three weeks, I faithfully wound it on a weekly basis.  Now, it stops, (like clockwork I’d say, but that might seem foolish) and I’ll notice it is Thursday when this happens.  Then I need to wind the clock and tweak the time a little bit.  Even though I’m following my compass, it is still a good quality to be on time.  

My future self is working on things like punctuality.  My subconscious mind is keenly aware and is helping me as best she can!

Holidays of having this wonderful time of year is so much fun!

I also want to just throw out there that it seems like a revelation that the lesson 14 helps me understand why dieting never works if one’s focus is on what you should NOT eat, or what you cannot do.  Focus on quitting a bad habit makes it only more impossible.  Focus on the results of good and it will manifest itself.

  “Remember that the law of growth necessarily governs every manifestation in the objective, so that a denial of unsatisfactory conditions will not bring about instant change. A plant will remain visible for some time after its roots have been cut, but it will gradually fade away and eventually disappear, so the withdrawal of your thought from the contemplation of unsatisfactory conditions will gradually, but surely, terminate these conditions.”

This week my husband, several times, asked me my opinion of something, and I (who usually has an opinion on EVERYTHING) could only say, “I don’t have an opinion about that, what do YOU think?”  He finds this very frustrating.  I’m just the observer. 

I’d also like to report that I have a water additive which I used for plants last week.  The orchid that has been looking like it was dying, now has signs of blooms emerging soon!

I will add a photo so you can see it, when we meet again! … for now just IMAGINE



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