Week 15 – We’re taking off!

Everyone has so much excitement – including me!

Things are happening so fast i can’t believe its still ME.

Even my honey is going along with it all.

Sadly – neither of us if feeling well, so please send some healing vibes for us.

I’m off — going fast — getting things done — checking off my list — making no more new additions to my DMP until substantial progress occurs in all areas — especially the ones where I must nudge subby a little bit more!  She needs to fully understand how important this is to me.

Concentrate! Be! Do!

Follow the natural laws.  Follow the exercises.  Onward. Upward.




6 thoughts on “Week 15 – We’re taking off!

  1. Louise you are a star! I’m sending all the healing vibes and prayers for you guys , hope you’re doing better already as you read this!

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