Week 16 – MKE What’s up?

The subtitle could be KINDNESS.

Everywhere I go I’m kinder to people.  My friend who joined  my company with little or no prodding told me she’s going in a different direction, oh well, I say.  I will not be deterred.  I will still help her.  I am not hurt.  It doesn’t matter. For I shall have bumps in the road and will not be deterred.  I shall persist.

Everywhere people are kinder to me.  Maybe they are kind all the time and I am just noticing more.  It’s a nice thing, even smiles here and there.  Maybe kindness in contagious and spreads all by itself.

Some of my discipline seems to be fading, but I want it.  I want the routines.  I’ve had interruptions of travel and have caught a seasonal cold I can’t seem to kick.  I am not quite myself.  Should I allow that to matter?  It is only a slight setback, I will persist.  I know what I  need, and what I need to do.  I will do it.  For I am uniquely me, and I will do things my way.  I’m following the compass, not the clock.  I love the routines, I love the new habits, I love the new me.  I shall persist!

I’ve begun some new routines for business and I.LOVE.THAT.  It makes me smile.

In our sun room, this orchid stopped blooming last year sometime, and I thought it was withering away to its final demise, but something happened!  I fed it something it apparently likes, and it has rewarded me with its beautiful bloom.

May I share it with you?

Posted by Louise Shickle on Friday, January 12, 2018




2 thoughts on “Week 16 – MKE What’s up?

  1. I feel the same way, where people always so nice and I just didn’t notice or is it the state of kindness that creates kindnesses all around ? Anyway, I’m loving it ! 🙂

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